Paint & Store Cabinet Doors on Both Sides at the Same Time. Free Shipping.

Door Painting Racks

Save on labor costs and storage space with our door painting rack systems

Revolutionize Your Cabinet Painting with the Door Rack Painting System

Our patented Door Rack Painting System (Patent# US8066267B2) is designed to streamline your painting process, saving you time and space. Paint both sides of a cabinet door simultaneously, without leaving marks or damaging the wet paint. With our system, you can focus on delivering quality work while increasing your productivity. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of the Door Rack Painting System and transform your cabinet painting business today.

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Spraying kitchen cabinets on the job site with a rack system that allows us to paint both sides at same time with minimal impact.We used finepaintsofeurope  Eco satin. We love this product , it drys as to a super durable finish we find better than most other 2k products.It has a very low odor allowing it to be used anywhere like apartment buildings.#architecture #finepaintsofeurope
#NYCpainters #Hollandlacbrilliant
Mrp Painting Perez
Worth every penny
Mrp Painting Perez
Worth every penny
Older version of the Door Rack Painter
Using the 48" long wood rod system by Door Rack Painter

Need Help With Choosing the Perfect Door Rack for Your Business?


Our door rack painting experts can help you select the perfect door painting rack for your business needs. Whether you are an independent cabinet builder or a robust team of painting professionals, our sales team can help.,,, Google Shopping and are working together with this website.

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Here, you’ll discover the actual magic—the Door Rack Painter system itself. Our patented solution simplifies your painting process, allowing you to spray and dry cabinet doors horizontally. Say goodbye to tedious vertical or horizontal single-side painting and waiting!

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