Super Duper Cabinet Painting Combo

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Description; Rotating Spray Rack – Two Freestanding 30-Door Dry Racks – Wood Rods.

The rotating spray rack and the two freestanding 30-door cabinet door dry racks can paint and store 60 floors painted on both sides wet horizontally.

The two dry racks with the wood rods create a baseboard painting dry storage rack.
This shelving system can hold 200 pieces of 8-foot 4″ wide painted baseboards and various other boards.

The dry rack also comes with a 20-level 48-long wood rod shelving add-on system that can store anywhere from 40 to 60 cabinet doors painted on one side in one of the dry racks.

See the videos on how all of it works.

The new sturdy freestanding 30-door dry rack, except for being larger, is the replica of the 18-door dry rack we have been selling since 2008.

This newly upgraded 30-door freestanding dry rack works best with one of our spray racks. We upgraded the freestanding 30-door dry rack in 2022 and changed the frames from a ¾” to a 1” square metal tubing.

With a glossy enamel finish, we recommend spraying the
primer on both sides and letting that dry, then applying the first finish coat on both sides and letting that dry.
Then apply the final finish coat separately on each side of the door and let the coats dry in between applications.
That’s where the wood rod add-ons come in perfectly; wood add-ons shelving works hand in hand with the aluminum dry racks system.

Rotating Spray Rack

The standard rotating spray rack lets the painter spray both sides of cabinet doors.
The rotating spray rack works in unity with our aluminum rod dry racks system.
The same standard rotating platform can convert into a one-side door painting system; this spray works best with any of our wood roods dry rack systems.

Freestanding 30-door dry racks included.
1. Four sets of cabinet door grip holders
2. 120-bend aluminum rods with red and black plastic caps. (Caps hold the rods in place)
3 Rack poles with the legs
4. 40 pieces of 48” long 7/8” round wood rods.

Rotating Spray Rack Included. Rotating Spray Rack includes.
1. Two sets of cabinet door grip holders
2. Two “U” Metal rack fixtures with screws. (To place the door and paint both sides)
3. Four Aluminum rods with red and black plastic caps (caps hold the rods in place)
4. A rotating platform
5. Two spray gun holder hooks (to screw in the side of the sawhorse)
6. Four bolt screws with plastic caps. (To place the door and paint one side)
7. Two brackets to attach the rotating rack to the sawhorse. (Sawhorse not included)

Recommended: Wooden 24″ to 29″ high wood sawhorse

We include assembly instructions and an assembly video link.

Additional information

Weight 59 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 6 × 6 in


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